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This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.  John 15:12



Fairhaven’s United Methodist Men (UMM) is comprised of a group of men who invite and initiate spiritual growth opportunities for all men of the church.


The mission of Fairhaven’s United Methodist Men (UMM) is simple: To Help Men Grow in Christ, So Others May Know Christ.

Fairhaven’s UMM group fosters spiritual growth opportunities for all men of the church. Fairhaven believes that every person has different gifts, graces, and areas of interest, and UMM welcomes new members with the love and support of a family.

The focus of Fairhaven’s UMM is to support the spiritual growth of men, helping them to mature as disciples as they encourage spiritual formation in others. Men lead others best by modeling Jesus Christ in thoughts, words and deeds.


The UMM is one of the cornerstones of Fairhaven in fulfilling the mission of the United Methodist Church. Members of the UMM join with the Outreach Committee, United Methodist Women, Boy Scouts, and other groups to:

  • Serve the homeless community in Montgomery County by making sandwiches, providing breakfast supplies, and hosting/serving barbecue meals at a local shelter.

  • Partner with the international hunger relief agency Rise Against Hunger in meal packaging events, during which thousands of meals are packaged to be distributed to people in need worldwide.

  • Assist the Boy Scout troop sponsored by Fairhaven with outdoor maintenance projects at the church. This partnership has enhanced the appearance, beauty, and functionality of the church grounds.

  • Host and sponsor an annual trip for youth and the “young at heart” to a Frederick Keys baseball game during the summer season.

  • Assist the United Methodist Women with church events such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast, Seniors Luncheon, and Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.

To learn more about the UMM or to become a member, please contact us.



A community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole person through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts.

“United Women in Faith shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole purpose through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; to expand the concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.”

Fairhaven’s UWF meets bi-monthly (every two months) on the 4th Saturday, in person and on Zoom.  Each meeting includes prayer, conversing about a program related to one of the areas of focus for the UWF (e.g. Maternal & child health; Human Trafficking; Racial Justice; Domestic Violence; Mass Incarceration; Climate Justice; People with Disabilities).  Planning for fund-raising activities are also discussed and implemented.

The UWF receives funding only from its members and fund-raising activities.  These funds are used to support UWF's mission-giving activities. One of UWFs most impactful activities is crocheting prayer shawls. The prayer shawls are created for those facing illnesses, to bereaved families needing comfort, to newlyweds beginning life together, to pregnant women as baby shower gifts, to local shelters for children or survivors of domestic violence, hospitals and more. These prayer shawls are blessed in worship services and Fairhaven’s congregation lay hands on them to infuse them with love before they are packed and mailed. It is a craft ministry that stretches across the nation! UMW has received an out-pouring of thanks from the thousands of recipients.

Each January, the UWF sponsors the annual “Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK, Jr.) Breakfast,” which provides a faith-based celebration for the local residents with a breakfast and speaker for upper Montgomery County residents.

In February, UWF sends care packages to students & military members who are members of Fairhaven.

On the first Saturday in December, UWF hosts a “Senior Citizens Luncheon” where the UWF serves a Christmas luncheon to 85+ senior citizens from the area.  Besides the luncheon, there is entertainment and gifts for everyone!  Later in December, we gather with each other for an “Advent Brunch” where we invite all the women of the church to join in fellowship.

The UWF recently sponsored “Women’s Day,” a worship service designed to highlight the purpose and mission activities of the UWF.

To find out more information about UWF or to become a member, please email Rita Green.





Fairhaven’s Young Adult Group is a fellowship group of young adults (ages 19-30) who meet to discuss a wide range of topics relevant to Christian young adults in today’s society. We discuss everything from current events to topics of personal interest, all within the context of what the Bible teaches. Our goal is to create a relaxed, fun, open environment that allows youths to express thoughts, concerns and feelings so they are better able to embrace their relationship with God while balancing school, family and church.

Fairhaven’s young adults have valuable skills to share. During the coming summer, our young adults engage with the church and community to participate in the church’s outreach efforts. Through community service, they continue to serve others which is what God has called us to do. The Young Adult Group has a strong desire to serve – to make a positive difference in the world in which they live. These young people donate their time and talents which not only helps them gain valuable work experience but also lets them contribute to the church and the community.

The Young Adults Group meets periodically on Sundays for about 2 hours (11:30am to 1:30pm) following the worship service. If you are interested in learning more about the Young Adult Group, or would like to come see what it is all about, please contact Jonathan Chambers.

Family Fun Nights



Family Fun Nights are inter-generational gatherings for fellowship, food and fun! Meeting approximately every six weeks, each meeting is different! We come together to play board games, watch a movie, eat s'mores around the fire pit, carve pumpkins, play volleyball in the yard, hold a Coffee House, parents' night out, or. . .

Watch the "This Week at Fairhaven" menu to see when our next event will be held!

Come join the fun!

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