Christmas Eve

You can sign up for Christmas Eve here!

Seating arrangements

As we are expecting a larger in-person crowd, we wish to take this time to remind everyone of our in-person seating arrangements. The Choir Loft is open to two families per service, one on one side of the back row and one on the other side of the middle row. If you wish to sign up for the choir loft, which is our most physically distant seating, you must choose "Choir Loft" seating in the signups for Christmas Eve. This area is intended for the immunocompromised and others who need to be separated from the congregation for health reasons.

The congregational seating is open to 18 families per service. The intention is if you are sitting on the pulpit side every other row should be empty and we are expecting about six total families. to sit on that side (ten total pews, seating in every other pew, two smaller families or singletons can share one of the pews). The piano side has no pew restrictions though we ask people to naturally space themselves out in the pews.

We hope to have a safe and healthy Christmas Eve Service!