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Vacation Bible School 2023
Compassion Camp - Changing the World with Loving Kindness

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Dates: Monday, July 24-Wednesday, July 26

Time: 6-8 p.m.

Ages: pre-K through adults
Parents and grandparents are welcome!
Teen volunteers please contact us (see below)

Location: Fairhaven United Methodist Church
12801 Darnestown Road
Darnestown, MD

Arts and Crafts

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Opening Assembly

Below is a Thank You "recipe" read in the worship service following this year's VBS.  It's written by Ms. Trica, the director of VBS.  She doesn't include herself in the recipe, but she was the baker that made it all happen! 

A recipe full of compassion and love

Keep in mind the more complex recipes that you receive where you need to mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients and let it sit overnight…


1st bowl consists of the 1st stop at COMPASSION camp…

A small container consisting of

3 big smiles from Jernee

2 cups of love from Ms. Rebecca


In one bowl that we will label science, we had:

A dash of Ms. Elaine

2 squirts of Kelley

3 tablespoons of Ellen


UMM and I don’t mean the words that helps us stall, I mean the UNITED METHODIST MEN. Showed up!! With

heaping doses of Mr. Tom

Sprinkle and shake of David and a full cup of Mr. Dennis. 


In the next container, we have the label craft corner:


2 heaping spoons of Ms. Rita

A half cup of Lilly 

And several swords to taste of Ms. Jane


On the side we had Rev. Holimon, Christina, Megan, Markia, and Ms. Marshae who I can’t really name how much we used in the recipe… they like eggs just seemed to fit in where needed and hold things together. 


Next up…

A bowl full of snacks from our VBS snack shack…

2 cups of Ms. Barbara 

1/4 cup of Ms. Earnestine

6 dashes of Ms. Diane

3 squirts of Julie


I’m not telling a story… we are getting close to the end of this recipe:

In the Bible storytelling dish:

2 scoops of Ms. Sylvia and

Several dashes to taste of Ms. Robin


We cooked up some of the items on our recreation range and we had to add to those ingredients:

1 cup and a half of Corey

1/4 cup of Kim 

Let’s move to our final bowl filled with the ingredients that make us move… our music and movement tray…

2 drops of extract of Markia

2 drops of hint of Leandra


Jonathan, Annika, Feliza , Kaycee , Kendall and Keegan brought some energy to our dish. 


Compassion Camp 2023 was a collaborative effort which was a recipe that only God could’ve crafted. 

I’m so grateful and thankful to all of the ingredients in our VBS recipe.  This recipe was filled with love and dedication wholeheartedly served our community and was amazing to see in action. 

In closing, I’d like to share our themes as a reminder to all:

Compassion for all around me

Compassion for myself

Compassion for the world

May God continue to bless us all with wonderful recipes and loving kindness …

Thank you!!!


Have a happy day!


Recreation and Fun

VBS 2022 Pics!

Bible Story-Telling Tent


Dinner Time!

Music and Movement

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